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The Day in the Life of an SS4S Member

Do you care about the environment? About sustainability? Do you feel like you have no time to help? Are you unsure how to get started? Well, I am here to prove that anyone can make an environmental difference, and show you how! So here goes, a day in the life of a junior at Portsmouth High School, a travel softball player, a soccer player, Eco Club director, and Executive Director of Seacoast Students 4 Sustainability Inc.

5:45 am : Wake up and go to the gym. As an athlete and someone who prioritizes exercise, this is an important part of my routine. While it may not be the ideal option for everyone, it is the best way for me to start my day and feel ready to go and make a difference.

7:00 am : Shower, eat, and get ready for school. I always make sure to eat something with nutritional value, you need to "feed your steam". I love oatmeal in a jar that can be made the night before - easy to grab and go.

8:30 am: Arrive at school and go to my first three blocks. Currently, they are AP U.S. History, AP statistics, and Spanish. I make sure to arrive at school early and prepared.

12:30 pm: Lunch time! As a member and leader of many clubs, my lunch is spent meeting with different people and discussing how we can make our school and community a better place. I love to see our community coming together to take action.

1:00 pm: Go to my current fourth block, Honors Chemistry.

2:30 pm: Head to FLEX block. Maybe check my phone, but generally time I spend asking teachers questions, doing homework, or working on different club projects. I may even use this as thinking time to just regroup my thoughts and create a mental plan.

3:15 pm: Go home and eat something quickly. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers ... quick, easy and so good! Get ready for practice, and tell my parents the evening game plan.

4:00 pm: Head to softball practice/weight training. Swing, lift, throw, and laugh with the team.

6:00 pm: Change clothes (the softball uniform doesn’t quite cut it for City meetings). Quickly get my thoughts straight again (thankful for Flex) and go straight to a meeting discussing an event SS4S is planning at City Hall. Contribute to the meeting and be a voice for all my peers.

6:30 pm: Attend Portsmouth’s Sustainability Blue Ribbon Committee. This committee works to make Portsmouth a more sustainable place to live in. Kudos to all involved. Let’s do this!!!

8:30 pm: Head home to eat dinner and do any homework I have. Not going to lie, I’m tired!

10:00 pm: Go to bed! I LOVE bedtime and sleep at least 8 hours. I need all 8 hours to accomplish all my goals the next day.

As you can see, my day is packed as full as it could be. I have passion, and have chosen to take action. If everyone felt like they were too busy to make a difference, especially to help our environment, the world would die. Every person contributes in their own way. Whether it be picking up a piece of trash, participating in an event, or sharing your ideas in a club. I encourage you to take action in any way you can. I’m here to chat ANYTIME and I’m asking you, PLEASE get involved!

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