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SS4S Statement on SB448-FN

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Dear Chair Avard and Members of the Committee,

My name is Loreley Godfrey and I am 17 years old from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Today I

am speaking on behalf of Seacoast Students for Sustainability, a student-led organization that

supports SB448-FN.

I’m here today because our organization finds it essential that our state government follows

through on previously-existing goals. In 2016, we wanted to reduce fossil fuel consumption by

25% by 2025 compared to a 2005 baseline. Today, we can still achieve that goal if we adopt the

measures recommended by this bill.

Firstly, this bill expands the individuals to which the annual report on state building’s energy

efficiency is sent. This requires no additional work or expenditures but only allows for increased

accountability. More individuals would be directly informed of this goal’s progress, and thus can

support and encourage its accomplishment. This would be an effective way of spreading

awareness & promoting action.

Secondly, this bill would have the State of New Hampshire prioritize economical energy

efficiency in terms of properties and vehicles leased or owned by the state. Furthermore, it would

encourage municipalities to adopt similar standards. Our State would demonstrate what it means

to value New Hampshire by showing local governments and citizens the economic and

environmental benefit of transitioning to renewable energy. This would not only have ripple

effects across New Hampshire, but it put us closer to achieving our 2016 goal of reduced fossil

fuel consumption.

And thirdly, this bill requires the use of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) to minimize carbon

reduction. This would be an effective mechanism through which to achieve our goal. It is

undeniable that accommodating this aspect of the bill requires indeterminable funds, charging

stations, and new vehicles – but all these concerns can be offset by the forthcoming benefits to

our environment and our populace.

This bill does a couple other things as well, namely reaffirming the already-established State

Government Energy Committee and redefining a “state-owned vehicle.” But at its core is the

intention of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment.

This bill would minimize our government’s negative impact on the beautiful New Hampshire

environment we call home while ultimately saving expenditures in the long-run. It encourages

and sets an example for other municipalities and states to adopt green, renewable, &

energy-efficient methods for powering government functions. And finally, it establishes a system

of accountability and follow-through to ensure we actually achieve this. For these reasons,

Seacoast Students for Sustainability urges you to vote OTP.

I will take any questions.

Written by Loreley Godfrey, Legislation Director of SS4S

February 6, 2022

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