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SS4S Statement In Support of HB1250

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Dear Chair Vose and Members of the Committee,

Seacoast Students for Sustainability supports HB1250, an act requiring the public utilities

commission to consider climate change in making rate-setting decisions.

We support this bill for the following reasons:

Firstly, to incentivize utilities to mitigate their effects on the environment. The consideration of

climate change in setting rates could reduce costs for pollution-free utilities and encourage

reduced negative impacts.

Secondly, to protect our state for its scenic beauty and natural environment. Visitors from all

around the country flock to New Hampshire’s rugged mountains and crystal-blue lakes. Our state

should not have to be marred by unnecessary, unsightly, and harmful pollution. Furthermore, if

the Public Utilities Commission can make even the slightest difference in protecting ecosystems

that could be damaged by these utilities, it should do so.

Finally, this bill only calls for the consideration of climate change. The Public Utilities

Commission need only wholly evaluate the impacts on New Hampshire, and it is left to their

discretion to decide the following rates. No matter your stance on the environment, you must

agree it is essential for all and any impacts to be considered in the rate-setting process.

Help New Hampshire minimize its carbon footprint. For the sake of protecting our environment

and our people, Seacoast Students for Sustainability urge you to vote Ought to Pass (OTP) on


Written by Loreley Godfrey, Legislation Director for SS4S

January 25, 2022

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