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Spaulding High School’s 2023 Earth Week

Spaulding's Sustainability Club group photo.

Spaulding High School’s Environmental Club is gearing up for an eventful week preceding Earth Day. Affectionately dubbed the “Earth Week Extravaganza,” members have been diligently planning events to fill each day. From April 17th-22nd, Spaulding students will have the opportunity to participate in a spirit week.

Monday, Under the Sea, is the day for students to wear blue or ocean-themed clothing to kick off the week. Protecting our oceans, particularly because of Rochester’s proximity to the coast, is incredibly important. A brief video will be played in every classroom during the advisory block to outline the rest of the week’s events, effectively building anticipation amongst the student body.

Truffula Tuesday, the day to wear your brightest neon colors, is accompanied by a guest speaker. Inspired by the message of the Lorax, this spirit day draws attention to climate advocacy. The Environmental Club is looking forward to partnering with Climate Action New Hampshire to host a presentation in the Joanne Houston Auditorium. It is open for anyone to attend during our flex period. The topic of the presentation will focus primarily on grassroots climate activism, ways you can get involved, and the work that Climate Action NH does. It is an honor to connect with the organization, especially because this opportunity contributes to the club’s efforts to build a more sustainably-minded school culture.

Wednesday’s Go Green! The theme is simple but all-encompassing. Students will dress in any article of green clothing, however, complete head-to-toe is encouraged. At this point, Earth Day is right around the corner, so it makes perfect sense to wear the color most commonly associated with it.

Thursday, Dress As Your Favorite Environmentalist Day, is sure to attract some creative interpretations. Funny ideas include Steve Irwin, characterized by the iconic beige cargo shorts, or Jane Goodall with quite literally anything gorilla related. The possibilities are endless and just when the day couldn’t be any more exciting, the club is also collecting donations in school for their Earth Day Thrift Swap.

Friday is “Wear A Thrifted Outfit,” perfectly aligning with the Environmental Club’s second annual Thrift Swap. Open to both the students and the public, this event is set to run outside the front entrance of the school from 1-3pm. Educating our peers about fast fashion and textile waste is an initiative the club takes great pride in pursuing. The event is sponsored by New Again Thrift Store for Charity who has graciously donated clothing and other resources. We have also partnered with the Share Fund, a local organization based out of the Rochester Community Center, to offer Prom dresses and suits. Increasing the accessibility of these typically expensive pieces helps to eliminate barriers and reduce waste, as these articles of clothing are usually only worn once. You can read more details about the event here:

Spaulding’s Environmental Club is counting down the days until we can celebrate Earth Week. We are busy with many other projects, so check out @spauldingenvironmentalclub on Instagram if you’re interested in following along!

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